Framing International in Digital Format


8-12 October, 2018


Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iași (TUIASI), România

Register Deadline

25 September 2018

Framing International in Digital Format

International Week organised by Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iași, Romania

Embedding Internationalization in universities is nowadays of paramount relevance in everything we do. Communication and sharing the necessary information between partners is vital and hence its translation in accessible digital format becomes natural and challenging at the same time.
We invite you to join our event, Framing International in Digital Format, and actively share your opinions and good practices. The main topics are: Digital tools in internationalization – tools examples, how we use them to optimize the internationalization of university; Erasmus+ application – on-line app development; Good practices in digital internationalization; Digital resources for students..

Event | schedule

We are pleased to welcome you at TUIASI and we hope that you will enjoy your stay on both professional and personal level.

Destination | Iași

Iași, our city, considered the cultural capital of Romania, it is worth while visiting. In Iași, where in 1860 the first Romanian modern university was founded, you have plenty of places to visit.


Stores are usually open from 8:00 to 20:00. Malls and superstores are open until 21:00 or even later.
Romania's currency is Leu (plural "Lei", pronunciation: lay, abbreviation: RON). Most stores accept major credit cards including AMERICAN EXPRESS, MASTER CARD and VISA.

Post Office

Post offices display a postal horn symbol and the word Posta.

Hours of operation:
Weekdays: 8:00 to 20:00
Saturday: 8:00 to 13:00

International Access Code +40 (country code) + 232 (area code) + telephone number (six digit number).


Banks will exchange foreign currency and travelers checks for RON and vice versa. Changing money is also possible at exchange offices in hotels, supermarkets, and numerous small exchange offices.

Hours of operation:
Weekdays: 9:00 to 17:00
Some banks are also open on Saturday from 9:00 to 13:00.

Emergencies, useful phone numbers

Emergency center: 112

Taxi companies

Taxis are still relatively inexpensive and widely available. Prices per km (about 0.45 €) are marked on the outside of the car .
Lux (0232)255 255
Euro (0232) 217 217
Delta (0232) 222 222
For you (0232) 222 444


Current is 220 V, 50 Hz.

You can find in Iasi alternative accommodation options, like:

These are some nice accomodation places, located in the center of the city and near the university.

Please note that TUIASI is not responsible for the accuracy of the information listed on these websites.

The second most populous city in Romania, right after Bucharest, the country’s capital, Iași also serves as a strategic crossroads of commercial routes, with a modern infrastructure and various travelling possibilities.

You can reach the city by plane, train or by car / bus.

By plane

Iaşi Airport is one of the oldest airports in Romania. There are direct flights to / from big cities like London, Madrid, Munich, Rome, Bologna, Turin, Tel Aviv, Paris, Barcelona, Brussels, Cologne, Milan, Venice, Larnaca, Vienna) and new flights are constantly being added. You can find more information here.
Once in Iaşi Airport, the city centre can easily be reached by bus or taxi (20 minutes’ drive).

By train

Once in Bucharest, you have several cheap ways of getting to Iaşi by train. Many people enjoy travelling by the Intercity express or the first class of other fast trains, which are quite comfortable. Please visit CFR website (Romanian Railways Company), for the latest train schedules for domestic routes. You can also buy a train ticket online from this website.
Iaşi is connected by train to many important European cities, for details please check this page.

By car

The fastest route from Bucharest to Iaşi is via E85, E 581. Please check this Google Map.

By bus

There are a lot of private companies offering domestic and international transport services to and from Iaşi. These are the websites of bus companies providing transport to and from Iaşi:

Please note that TUIASI is not responsible for the accuracy of the information listed on these websites.

What you need to apply

Information about visitor visas and what a person needs to apply, is available on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site.
Please remember that it is your responsibility to obtain the visa in good time. If you require a letter of invitation, you may contact the event organisation.

EU citizens do not need Romanian visa.

Previous | Editions

Between 9-12 October 2017, The Vicerectorate for International Relations, within Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi, organized the first edition of International Staff Week.

The training week was focused on Internationalisation of universities – Inside and Out and it included a presentation of our university and of its International Relations – Erasmus+ Office, round tables and visits to our 11 faculties. At the round tables the participants presented their universities and their work, so that everybody benefited from each other’s experience, discussed the strong and weak points they have, as well as good practices in various kind of university administration fields.

We also had a trip to the fabulous land of the monasteries, part of the UNESCO heritage.

The first edition in 2017 was the beginning for an event we want to develop in the next years, as an annual event whose aim is to present, discuss and improve administrative handling of the internationalisation activities as performed by various universities.

This is an excellent opportunity to establish new international relations and to strength the existing ones by facilitating cultural and professional exchanges between staff members of universities across different countries.

One of our delegates expressed her feelings regarding her participation at the first edition of International Staff Week 2017: ”I feel myself personally gained a lot in order to develop my viewpoint about Erasmus+ opportunities; which taught me that organizing our office work not only for the student/staff mobilities but also opening places for cooperation in other projects is valuable for university’s internationalization goals.”

Other participant said: ”Thank you for the nice week in TUIasi. We have got knowledge about your international and educational activity. Some your “know-how” we plan to use in our work.”

We all had a great experience, so we invite you to join us to the next edition and we recommend you to follow our page.